Who’s the cook?

Hello all! I’d like to introduce myself as the main cook for these Meals! I’m Ricardo C. DeBello; proud Vegan since March 22, 2013. Although I’ve had no formal training in cooking I have been cooking since my early teens. Ask me what my first meal I cooked was!

I became Vegan after watching endless Vegan documentaries on Netflix on a warm Spring afternoon back in 2013. I  was exposed to what the farm and dairy industries not only do to animals but what they put into our “food” that most of our nation consumes. The FDA has very minimal rules and regulations that dictate what can and can’t be done to our “food” as well. Much the same there are no protection rights for animals that endure cruel, painful and undeserving deaths before ending up on dinner tables across the America. That my friends is my personal reason for being a proud Vegan ’till this day.

So what’s the plus side to being Vegan you ask? Besides the obvious like better health that includes disease prevention such as high cholesterol, prevention of colon and breast cancer there are also other benefits like weight loss, energy and focus to name a few. The best benefit in my opinion is the endless amount of creative non-meat dishes that you can create, cultivate, share and enjoy! And this is what Vegan Meal Preps by Kinetix is all about! So get a plate! Share a plate! Dig in and live like a Vegan even if it’s only on a Meatless Monday!


“When I cook, I just don’t cook. I create, blend, craft, cultivate with my imagination, my energy and creativity with you in mind. You simply do not just eat my food. You absorb it. You feel it.”


– Ricardo C. DeBello CPT, SN.
Kinetix Personal Training

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