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Vegan Power Meals! These tasty concoctions are all made with creativity, passion and hunger in mind!

[img src=]2940Good Day Tofu Scramble
Tofu cooked with Spinach, Picante with a Side of Quinoa.
[img src=]3400Vegan Que??
Yes Vegan Enchiladas in the making from scratch!
[img src=]2920Gettin' to Preppin'
It's what we do best!
[img src=]2950Beef Tips
Beef Tips prepared with Long Cut Green Beans and Bell Peppers. Tagging along is a Long Grain White Rice blend with Sweet Peas!
[img src=]2980Crispy Tenders
Cooked 7-Grain Vegan Crispy Tenders with Yellow Rice Pilaf and a sassy Homemade Vegan Tartar Sauce w Chia Seeds. You gonna luv it!!
[img src=]3050Asian Tofu Blend
Asian Tofu Blend with Spinach, Asian Herbs and Seasonings cooked to perfection!
[img src=]3060Ground Taquitos
These Ground Taquitos were a mix of 'Beyond Meat' Ground and Pinto Beans. A side of Black Rice is the perfect side.
[img src=]3040Tofu Mushroom Mix
Cooked Tofu and Mushrooms in Coconut Oil. A side of cooked Squash to add flavor to your palate.
[img src=]3020Vegan Enchiladas.
Need we say more?!
[img src=]2840Open Face Quinoa Burger
Yum! Who doesn't like a "Chicken" Sandwich with a bit of Veganaise!
[img src=]3110Tofu Light
Marinated and lightly cooked Tofu in Greens with a bit of Garlic Hummus.
[img src=]3020Chicken Cuisine
Vegan Chicken cooked with Long Green Bean Mix and Quinoa.
[img src=]3100Vegan Chicken Alfredo
Delicately prepared Vegan Chicken and Whole Wheat Pasta topped with Victoria Vegan Alfredo Sauce.
[img src=]2740Mean Bean Vegan Mix
Homemade Recipe of a High Protein Bean concoction!
[img src=]3250Bokurritos!
This tastes treat is a blend of Tofu, Beans and a variety of Southwest Seasonings rolled up in a Bok Choi Leaf then baked and cooked like a Burrito!
[img src=]3050Quinoa Burger
Quinoa & Brown Rice Patty on open faced Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread. Side of lightly cooked Squash and Red Potato.
[img src=]3070Ay Frijoles!
Southwest Bean Mix. A High Protein concoction of a tasty and healthy bean mix!
[img src=]2730Mediterranean Tofu
Mediterranean Spice blend Tofu and Mediterranean and Garlic Hummus.
[img src=]2950Black Bean Taquiots
MMMM. We can never get enough Taquitos! There are the Black Bean Version. Quick, simple and Good!
[img src=]3330Vegan Enchiladas!
This is special recipe that anyone would enjoy! They are made from scratch and baked to perfection! Dios Mio!
[img src=]3000Good Morning Tofu
Tofu Scramble prepared with Homemade Picante Sauce. Best with Mimosas on a Sunday Funday!
[img src=]2900Tofu Scramble
Tofu cooked with Spinach, Tomato, Tumeric, Ginger and Lemon Pepper. A side of Sticky Yellow Rice to go along.
[img src=]3420
Crispy Fishless Fish with Yellow Rice Pilaf and a sassy Homemade Vegan Tartar Sauce w Chia Seeds. A hoy' Mate!